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    Author: Jon Smith
    Date: April 4, 2021

    March 2021 Blogging Income Report

    Man, what a month it was for me!

    March really set some records in terms of income and traffic for my case study website. I am really proud of the success of this authority site.

    In this article, I am going to share my income report for March 2021 and give you an idea of what happened this month for my authority site case study.

    Authority Site Traffic - Google Analytics

    This month my authority site had 51,866 pageviews and 43,842 sessions.

    That is an increase of 18% for my pageviews and 24% for my sessions.

    Authority Site Traffic

    As you see in the screen shot above which shows my Google Analytics account for this website almost everything is green which means improved stats.

    Bounce rate was a little higher but I earned more in affiliate income this month so that could be users bouncing through my affiliate links on the website.

    Authority Site Earnings

    This was my best month yet for this authority site case study. I earned more than double compared to February and that really made me smile a lot. This website is really pushing up there in terms of value and revenue.

    Now lets break down my earnings so I can show you how much I made from Ezoic, Amazon Affiliate, and a new affiliate partner.

    Ezoic Display Ads Earnings

    My Ezoic earnings are going up month after month and this is because of the increase in traffic as well as the EPMv this niche is getting. I think that the ad rates also contributed to this higher number.

    Overall for the first quarter of the year this website did tremendously well.

    For the month of March I earned $1,308.32 from Ezoic.

    In February I earned $746.85 and if compared to this month in March there is a increase in revenue of $561.47. That is a big jump in earnings for one month.

    I am hopeful that the next month income report for April will be even higher than March. We shall see.

    Ezoic Earnings March 2021

    Amazon Associate Affiliate Earnings

    Amazon has never really been a big player for my income. I do earn a significant amount of money from Amazon Assiciates but this number is never a large percentage for any of my niche or authority sites.

    In March 2021 I earned $316.68 from Amazon Associates.

    This is a difference of $161.1 compared to February 2021. My income almost doubled this month March 2021.

    Amazon Associates Earnings March 2021

    My increase in income from Amazon seems to be holding steady for April so far. I am hoping that the increase sticks and at least matches March or increases.

    I guess that is always the hope...right?

    Regardless, Amazon is not something I like to focus my efforts in. I prefer to focus mostly on display ads and other affiliate offers because being diverse is crucial.

    If Amazon decides to remove their affiliate program or limit it in some way then I am probably going to see a huge decrease in earnings overall, if I was focused on Amazon.

    Amazon is a great way to earn extra income for sure but I prefer to use several affiliate programs to diversify my revenue streams.

    Speaking of diversifying, I added a new affiliate partner this month.

    Other Affiliate Earnings

    So, at the end of February I added Home Advisor to my books. I added links to relevant pages of my website and I started getting traffic to my affiliate links.

    This is an added source of income for this website and one that I think might prove significant.

    The conversion rate is a high 6% and I am thrilled by that. I just need to increase my clicks to this link to make more money each month. More growth in traffic should do that automatically but I am going for a more strategic approach.

    I am testing link placement within my content and various other locations on my website and testing what brings the most revenue.

    This is important to do so that you can increase your income. Always test things out.

    My background in paid traffic has really made me a testing nerd so I can thank myself for being a media buyer/paid traffic affiliate in my past and present.

    When I pay for Google or Bing ads I want to get the most conversions possible so testing is crucial for a successful paid ad campaign.

    That holds true for SEO campaigns.

    Test your ad placements and see what generates the most income for you.

    Alright, now I will get into the earnings for the new affiliate partner.

    In March 2021 I earned $228 from my added affiliate partner HomeAdvisor. This is great for the first month test and has really helped increase my website value.

    Overall Authority Site Income

    For the month of March 2021 I made a total of $1853 for this website alone.

    Yes, I am very happy with this number.

    Authority Site Current Value

    This is something I am going to start including. This number will not always be 100% correct. The value is whatever someone else is willing to pay for it but on average most buyers are willing to pay 36 times the monthly revenue.

    If my monthly revenue stays at the current number of $1853/mo then my website is valued at about $66,708.00 which is a very solid valuation.

    If I were to sell this website I would profit about $55k give or take and that is insane.

    Added Content To My Authority Site

    I have not really been posting a lot of content for this site. I really need to but I have so many projects going I have spread myself a little thin causing me to focus less on this website and more on my others.

    This includes my latest addition to the authority site case study. I will get into detail on that in a moment.

    I only posted 4 new articles for the month of March 2021 and I really should have posted at least 20 but that is ok. I will get to it this month and add more content than I did in the previous month.

    New Authority Site Case Study

    So I started a new website to be shared with you as a case study.

    I want you to see how the process works from start to finish and I will be recording a video showing the entire process from new to profit over a period of time.

    I am unsure when I will start releasing this video content as I want to keep the domain a secret for now so that the traffic is all organic and not from my audience here or on YouTube. I have to keep it fair.

    I will announce the domain so you can see it and see how I created it. I feel this is important for beginners to learn the process.

    I am already posting content, building pages and working out the design and overall aesthetic of the site. I think you will like the progress so far but unfortunately I cannot share it.

    Final Thoughts

    I do not share my income reports to show off or brag. I really want you to see the potential here and be inspired to create your own authority website and generate passive income for yourself.

    My goal is to inspire and help you succeed!

    Struggling to get traffic to your website?

    If you need help be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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    I started blogging way back when it was much easier to rank websites. I now focus full-time on quality content and produce a lot of content for various websites I own. I also have a YouTube Channel:
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