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    Author: Jon Smith
    Date: April 9, 2021

    How To Write A Listicle & [Make It Go Viral]

    Listicles can be some of the easiest content to create for any blogger, but best of all they are easily consumed by your audience providing a positive user experience.

    But did you know that most writers are not writing listicles properly or even worse lowering the odds of them going viral?

    Keep reading the learn how to write the best listicle content for your blog and make them go viral.

    In this article, I am going to show you how to write a listicle but I am also going to show you how to make your listicle even better with certain optimizations.

    Listicle Post Template

    Download My Listicle Post Template

    What Are The Benefits Of Writing Listicle Content

    There are many benefits of writing listicle content and in this section, we will cover as many as we can in listicle format. Each of the below subheadings is a great example of a listicle.

    While this entire article is not a listicle it does have listicles within each main subheading.

    1. Quick And Easy To Write

    Listicle articles are super easy to write. You are essentially listing out several subtopics giving value to your audience through a list of subheadings and supporting content.

    You can use listicles for any niche topic.

    2. Quick And Easy To Read

    Listicles are quick and easy to read. The content is formatted so that your audience can skim through the content really fast.

    Most paragraphs in a listicle is usually short and to the point. Sort of like this article you are currently reading.

    When your title includes the number of list items your reader will know the amount of time they will invest into reading your content.

    Not all listicles are short however they are still a quick read.

    3. Scannable Content

    Your audience can scan through the content and decide which parts they want to actually read. If you already know the benefits of a listicle you might have just scanned this section not really reading it all the way through.

    That is one of the best things about listicles. We do not need to read an entire 2,000 word blog post to get value.

    4. Easily Go Viral

    Listicles have viral elements including: inspirational quotes, curated content, list format that is easily scannable.

    These types of articles tend to go viral most often.

    Listicles often go viral and for good reason. A lot of times a reader will be willing to share the listicle content because just one point in your entire listicle gave them tremendous value.

    It is a great idea to be very helpful in your listicles to increase the odds of a viral list post.

    5. Help With Writer's Block

    If you are having a hard time coming up with your next blog post then consider a quick and easy listicle post. Consider doing a best of or roundup post on your topic. Maybe even 9 ways to get better X.

    6. Easy To Research

    Listicle content is easy to research. Your main focus is providing several points on any given topic. If you are writing a listicle on being more organized then consider finding a point from many different existing articles you have written or others have written and elaborate more on each of the points.

    A great example of a listicle I wrote is a kitchen cabinet storage ideas listicle on the CountertopAdvisor blog. I didn't actually write the entire thing but

    How To Write A Listicle

    Writing a listicle is really easy and we are about to go into detail on how to write a listicle the most effective way possible.

    Step 1. Your Title And Intro Come Last

    I know it is a bit odd that I put the last step first but trust me it is for good reason.

    Most people want to think of a title before writing. This causes writer's block way too often so I suggest crafting a clickable title or headline after you have written all or most of your content.

    After I have written my content I can craft the perfect intro because I know what the reader is to expect and now it is my job to summarize that expectation by teasing them and enticing them to read on.

    Sometimes I will write an intro for myself in the beginning outlining what I want the reader to gain from my content and that really helps me get inside the mind of a reader and help them with my content the best way possible.

    Step 2. Think Of Your Topic

    This is actually the first step in writing a listicle.

    Consider some controversial topics, helpful tips, quotes from other popular creators or even round up some of your own pieces of content for this.

    Step 3. Outline Your Content

    Consider each list point before you even begin writing your first paragraph.

    I like to outline my content because it makes my job seem a bit easier. I will write my outline then start filling in the blanks making content production smooth.

    Your outline should include each separate point of your listicle. Each point will be a subheading and likely use a number.

    Step 4. Start Writing

    I like to keep my research tabs open during the writing process so I can refer back to each point. I do this by searching in Google each of my own outlined headlines to see what others have said on the topic.

    This give me a greater advantage because I can consider points from many already published articles on the web.

    Step 5. Call To Action

    If you are a blogger with an email list or a product now is the time to provide a call to action. I like to sprinkle this into the content a few times but most certainly as the last listed item in my content.

    Your desired action may be to subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your ebook maybe even a course. Be clear and outline your objectives to your audience but be sure to list out the benefits.

    Step 6. Time To Craft Your Title Or Headline

    Now is the time to start thinking about your headline. Be sure to make it enticing and somewhat click bate but if you go the click bate route make sure you deliver as promised.

    I like to use odd numbers if possible in my title and sometimes even if the list of items is an even number. I will just turn it into a bonus tip or listing so that the number stays odd.

    Use brackets where possible or even a question mark. These things tend to increase the clickthrough and if you cannot get readers then your content was almost pointless.

    Step 7. Write Your Intro

    I saved the best for last because this is my last step in the process.


    Because this is the most important part of your content aside from your headline and actually delivering on the promise of your title. All titles have a promise even though it may not be clear.

    Your content being on topic is delivering a promise to your readers.

    My intros are sometimes thought about for hours even though it may not seem like it.

    If I am hoping for a conversion I will include my call to action in my intro somehow and make it clear from the start that I want the reader to perform this specific action.

    Step 8. Publish And Share

    Now is the time to publish your work and start promoting your listicle content.

    If you want the odds to be more in your favor then consider a blog promotion process like mine when I will publish next week. Until then you will just have to download my listicle outline here and get yourself on my email list if you want my blog promotion methods.

    And trust me I have a solid blog promotion plan.

    Download My Listicle Post Template

    Final Thoughts

    Writing a listicle is pretty easy and allows you to get through writer's block. This article here which is a form of a listicle took me about an hour to craft from start to finish.

    I actually wrote it because I was having a hard time deciding what to write from my list of content ideas.

    What kind of listicles will you write? Let me know in the comments below.

    Struggling to get traffic to your website?

    If you need help be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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