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    Author: Jon Smith
    Date: February 1, 2021

    How to Earn Money on YouTube – Get Monetized Day 1

    YouTube is a beast of a platform. It is the number 2 search engine and the second most visited website on the entire internet. There is so much good that comes from getting started on YouTube and one of the best things is passive income.

    Passive income is generated by creating videos that continue to rank in the YouTube search engine getting high amounts of views that keep growing and growing as time progresses. Passive income is income that you work now for and reap the benefits over and over in the future without any effort at all.

    This is why YouTube is such a powerful tool for anyone wanting to earn a passive income online. Your videos will continue to work for you day after day.

    Earning Money on YouTube with Video Ads or Adsense

    YouTube is owned by Alphabet which is Google. When you upload videos to the YouTube platform you are able to place video ads throughout your videos which will earn you a profit through revenue share. Google shares the revenue earned from each ad with its publishers and pays out once per month.

    All YouTube channels earn different amounts based on the type of content or popularity. The more views you get to your YouTube videos the more you can make each month with the YouTube partner program.

    Getting Monetized on YouTube

    To even begin earning money through ads with the YouTube Partner Program you must have 4,000 watch hours and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to your channel. Once these milestones have been reached you can apply to the program and start earning money with your videos. This is called “Getting Monetized on YouTube” which you have probably heard so much about.

    Getting monetized on YouTube is actually not that hard. The longer your videos the easier this will be for you but that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot get monetized super fast on YouTube. Many have accomplished monetization fast on YouTube and some spend years trying to accomplish this. I believe it is all about consistency and commitment to quality content as well as staying true to one to three topics on your YouTube channel.

    Getting Monetized on YouTube Fast

    Getting monetized on YouTube fast is the goal for a lot of YouTube content creators. While this is a very great thing to accomplish I personally don’t think this should be your focus. Really and truly you are monetized on YouTube on day one.


    You can promote affiliate offers, amazon affiliate products and so much more. If you are getting views and your video blows up you can still earn a passive income through these affiliate earnings.

    With that said, focus on what you have available and let other monetizations come naturally.

    How to Get Monetized on YouTube

    Step 1: Create a YouTube channel. If you want to learn how to get started on YouTube then check out this recent article published.

    This is a must. You have to have a channel to begin the process of getting monetized on YouTube.

    Step 2: Create video content for your YouTube channel consistently.

    Consistency is very important with a YouTube channel. You want to consistently upload quality video content so that more and more people are finding your content. As you create your channel will grow in subscribers and watch time.

    Step 3: Work hard until you reach 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers.

    This is the part where you keep creating content and wait until you reach the YouTube Partner Network minimum requirements. Don’t give up as it will eventually happen. Just keep creating.

    You can speed up the process by running ads for your YouTube channel and by promoting your videos on other social media platforms. Get creative and keep consistent. This is the part where most people fail. Either by giving up or never really getting started.

    How to Get Monetized on YouTube from Day 1

    Getting monetized on YouTube is very simple. Create your channel and you are officially monetized.

    Let me explain…

    When you create your channel you are not prevented adding affiliate links to your video description. You can promote products through reviews on products you mentioned in the video or just about anything. It is best to do this tactfully though so keep it limited and on topic.

    Don’t place an affiliate link for a basketball when you are talking about marketing or SEO in your video. How would that make sense? It doesn’t I know…

    How to Start Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

    Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products and services. You can do this through email marketing, YouTube videos, paid traffic ads and so many other ways. For this post, we are strictly talking about YouTube.

    Placing Links in Your Video Description

    I know I mentioned it above but placing links in your video description is a great idea…especially if it is done right.

    If you are reviewing a product or service then place the link in the description and let the viewers know that the link is in the description and to check it out. Letting them know about the link in the description will help increase your click through to your affiliate offer. Trust me this is true and VERY IMPORTANT!

    If you use a specific set up to shoot your videos you can include your affiliate links for purchasing that setup and mention it in your videos.

    If you have special tools that you use for your topic that your audience may have interest in you can link those as well.

    The possibilities are endless but you have to be strategic and test different ways of adding affiliate links. Testing will teach you what works best and what is just a complete waste of time.

    Affiliate Programs to Consider

    • Amazon Associates

    There are a ton of affiliate programs to join. Search products in your niche and scroll to the bottom of the website and check for the affiliate program. If nothing is there then it is likely that they use another company for their affiliate program. You can email them to request information.


    Stay focused, be creative and create quality content and your affiliate earnings will skyrocket. Getting monetized on YouTube may take some time to accomplish but don’t lose focus and keep pushing to meet your goals.

    Remember that you are monetized on YouTube when you first create your channel. You can start right away promoting products, services, and tools to your audience and make a profit. Focus here until you are monetized on YouTube and remember all of the effort you put in now will benefit you later because you will earn from all your videos eventually when you are monetized.

    Learning how to earn money on YouTube is the easy part. The hard part is actually taking action and building your future. Just keep consistent and learn as you grow. Trust me it will get better for you as you get the hang of things.

    What are some of your strategies for earning money on YouTube? Leave a comment below.

    Struggling to get traffic to your website?

    If you need help be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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