April 2021 Blogging Income Report

April was yet another great month for my case study website and I am happy with the results even though there were some negatives.

This month I had a significant jump in traffic but did that increase my income?

In this income report, I am going to share with you all of my traffic, all of my earnings from Ezoic, Amazon Affiliate, and other affiliate earnings, as well as all of the things I did, to improve the site.

Website Traffic

Traffic jumped 10,000 page views at 61,034 and 49,865 sessions. YESSSS!

Traffic continues to climb and that means I am doing something right? I am pleased with the spike in traffic. I received more traffic from Google Discover and it has held for the last couple of months.

I guess the content being featured will stay there and keep sending me traffic. I'll take it...

Here is a snapshot of my Google Analytics so you can see my numbers.

Google Analytics - Website Traffic In April

This is a new record for this website and I am thrilled to see this growth each and every month. I hope it continues.

At the time of writing this my DR dropped to 12 from 21 literally in 1 day which is a bit odd. All of these spammy links keep finding their way to my website.

Update: the next day my DR went up to 27 which is higher than before. I am seeing some decent links but mostly just spammy links which I will disavow here soon. When the DR dropped my traffic also dropped. Now that it is back up I wonder what will happen with the traffic.

I am not really sure if my DR dropping is related to my lower traffic the last couple of days but I guess we will soon find out.


I spent a lot of money on content this month for this website.

I spent over $2500 using Buy Sell Text as well as WriterAccess publishing 15 articles total.

I wanted to seed my case study website with a fresh batch of content hoping to rank better.

I am also working on building out more hub pages along with supporting content to build topical authority.

I have shown this in my recent live streams so if you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel then now would be a great time to do so. Don't forget to turn on notifications so you will get notified when I go live. I show a ton of behind-the-scenes things regarding this case study website.

Hub pages have already started working for me and I am excited to see the results when they have a little more time to age. I started ranking better for head keywords that I wasn't ranking for before.

On-Page SEO And Core Web Vitals

I went through a lot of the content on my website and started an internal linking campaign. I linked heavily and added content to make it make sense in some places.

I spend time optimizing my images and preparing for the May Core update Google is doing. Who really knows if this is in vain but it is good for user experience so this scare tactic was a really good thing for me.

I have been putting off these tasks because they are tedious but thankfully I have a reason to do it now.

People keep saying it will backfire on Google and that this is just a scare tactic. While that may be true (we will soon find out) it still lit a fire under me to get some things done that I have been meaning to do.

User experience is a ranking factor after all and to give value to my audience I want to provide that on my website. That means a faster website and several other things but if you want to know more about what I did then this video will help you understand everything.

Future Plans

I have some big plans for this website. I am turning it into a business that will allow me to turn off display ads and focus more on creating income from my business.

I am planning to sell leads to countertop companies. My brand is growing each and every month and I feel that I can do even better by working with brick and mortar businesses (granite countertop providers) to help them grow their sales volume.

I am going to accomplish this by providing them with a page on my website like a directory and send leads their way. This may or may not work well but I am willing to test it out. I think I can make it happen.

I am also working on a lead generation tool to use for my new venture. It will be custom developed to fit my own needs and changed as needed.

My developer is doing some other really cool things to this site to increase user experience and maybe even traffic. I will update you next month when it has had some time to work.

Website/Blogging Earnings

Traffic was up but income was down.

It was not a significant drop in earnings but it was a drop indeed. Keep reading to get all of the numbers.

Ezoic Earnings

Even with more traffic I still earned about the same as I did in March for this month. I am not complaining as there was a small increase in my display ad revenue with Ezoic Ads.

In the month of April 2021, I earned $1,316.75 from Ezoic display ads on my website.

Not bad not bad but I had hoped for a significant increase. That is ok though maybe next month.

I will keep on publishing content, updating old content, internal linking, and everything else I do to make it better. I am sure I will be surprised soon with more and more traffic coming to the website.

The screenshot below shows my earnings over the last week. I am averaging about $50 per day with this website. I still need to work on my Core Web Vitals.

Ezoic Earnings April 2021

Amazon Affiliate Earnings

I honestly never have high hopes for Amazon Affiliate earnings. This is not a big part of my revenue and I will never let it be. Things change with them way too often and who knows one day they may do away with their affiliate program altogether.

I wont really be affected if they do.

In the month of April 2021, I earned $282.44 from Amazon Affiliate links on my website.

Now, this is down from last month's income report in March. Like I said though it is not a huge deal to me. I definitely hope for more income always but I know that my website is not really affiliate heavy. I prefer display ad revenue.

Here is a screen shot of my Amazon Affiliate earnings.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings April 2021

Home Advisor Earnings

This was another revenue stream that went down for me.

I made $155 with Home Advisor this month.

Even though this is the season everyone is buying countertops I still made less than last month.

I do believe this to be due to my testing. I am testing various link placements on my website as well as colors and many other factors. That is the paid traffic guy in me always wanting to test things and improve.

I am still going to keep testing for a few more months but honestly, if I cannot get it to increase my income significantly then I will do away with it as it lessens the user experience on any web pages that have the text link ad.

It is not always about the money. It is about a mix of income and user experience and I will gladly pay $150 per month for a better user experience on my website.

Here is a screenshot of my Home Advisor earnings. There is not really much to show just the amount total.

Home Advisor Affiliate Earnings

My Total Earnings

In the month of April 2021, I earned $1,754.19 from all three revenue streams.

My expenses were significantly higher. About $3500 but that doesn't mean my website is not profitable. That money comes back to me every month.

This is an investment which I know will earn me a substantial income over the coming years. My spending being more than my earnings is not really that big of a deal.

I don't spend this much on the site every month though I do plan to spend at least a grand monthly on content from here on just to grow my post counts and I hope that this will bring me into the 100k to 300k monthly pageviews.

Only time will tell.

Since I am publicly displaying this website in my income reports I cannot waste time and let it sit. People will start to copy me and try to out rank me so I have to get a move on. This is a good thing for me.

Am I Switching to Mediavine

I have been thinking about the move and have been talking to my rep at Mediavine about moving this website over. Honestly, I am probably going to make this move so that I can show you all how it affected me and my earnings. I wat to show what the process was like and more. That would be some great content.

If this site does not perform well on my Mediavine account then I will move it back to Ezoic and let it sit and then try AdThrive later.

Anyway, I have not fully decided yet but you will be the first to know when I do. Just subscribe to my YouTube channel and tick the notification bell if you want to be updated on my journey.

Here is my Ezoic affiliate link. Join Ezoic if you want to try to get your website accepted. Reach out to me after you sign up using my link and hopefully, I can get you accepted: JOIN EZOIC

Final Thoughts

This month was a good month despite not earning more than I did in March. I made about $100 less than I did last month which to me is not significant.

Despite the lowered earnings I still have faith that this website will do much better each and every single month. I am not concerned as there was a significant traffic increase.

March 2021 Blogging Income Report

Man, what a month it was for me!

March really set some records in terms of income and traffic for my case study website. I am really proud of the success of this authority site.

In this article, I am going to share my income report for March 2021 and give you an idea of what happened this month for my authority site case study.

Authority Site Traffic - Google Analytics

This month my authority site had 51,866 pageviews and 43,842 sessions.

That is an increase of 18% for my pageviews and 24% for my sessions.

Authority Site Traffic

As you see in the screen shot above which shows my Google Analytics account for this website almost everything is green which means improved stats.

Bounce rate was a little higher but I earned more in affiliate income this month so that could be users bouncing through my affiliate links on the website.

Authority Site Earnings

This was my best month yet for this authority site case study. I earned more than double compared to February and that really made me smile a lot. This website is really pushing up there in terms of value and revenue.

Now lets break down my earnings so I can show you how much I made from Ezoic, Amazon Affiliate, and a new affiliate partner.

Ezoic Display Ads Earnings

My Ezoic earnings are going up month after month and this is because of the increase in traffic as well as the EPMv this niche is getting. I think that the ad rates also contributed to this higher number.

Overall for the first quarter of the year this website did tremendously well.

For the month of March I earned $1,308.32 from Ezoic.

In February I earned $746.85 and if compared to this month in March there is a increase in revenue of $561.47. That is a big jump in earnings for one month.

I am hopeful that the next month income report for April will be even higher than March. We shall see.

Ezoic Earnings March 2021

Amazon Associate Affiliate Earnings

Amazon has never really been a big player for my income. I do earn a significant amount of money from Amazon Assiciates but this number is never a large percentage for any of my niche or authority sites.

In March 2021 I earned $316.68 from Amazon Associates.

This is a difference of $161.1 compared to February 2021. My income almost doubled this month March 2021.

Amazon Associates Earnings March 2021

My increase in income from Amazon seems to be holding steady for April so far. I am hoping that the increase sticks and at least matches March or increases.

I guess that is always the hope...right?

Regardless, Amazon is not something I like to focus my efforts in. I prefer to focus mostly on display ads and other affiliate offers because being diverse is crucial.

If Amazon decides to remove their affiliate program or limit it in some way then I am probably going to see a huge decrease in earnings overall, if I was focused on Amazon.

Amazon is a great way to earn extra income for sure but I prefer to use several affiliate programs to diversify my revenue streams.

Speaking of diversifying, I added a new affiliate partner this month.

Other Affiliate Earnings

So, at the end of February I added Home Advisor to my books. I added links to relevant pages of my website and I started getting traffic to my affiliate links.

This is an added source of income for this website and one that I think might prove significant.

The conversion rate is a high 6% and I am thrilled by that. I just need to increase my clicks to this link to make more money each month. More growth in traffic should do that automatically but I am going for a more strategic approach.

I am testing link placement within my content and various other locations on my website and testing what brings the most revenue.

This is important to do so that you can increase your income. Always test things out.

My background in paid traffic has really made me a testing nerd so I can thank myself for being a media buyer/paid traffic affiliate in my past and present.

When I pay for Google or Bing ads I want to get the most conversions possible so testing is crucial for a successful paid ad campaign.

That holds true for SEO campaigns.

Test your ad placements and see what generates the most income for you.

Alright, now I will get into the earnings for the new affiliate partner.

In March 2021 I earned $228 from my added affiliate partner HomeAdvisor. This is great for the first month test and has really helped increase my website value.

Overall Authority Site Income

For the month of March 2021 I made a total of $1853 for this website alone.

Yes, I am very happy with this number.

Authority Site Current Value

This is something I am going to start including. This number will not always be 100% correct. The value is whatever someone else is willing to pay for it but on average most buyers are willing to pay 36 times the monthly revenue.

If my monthly revenue stays at the current number of $1853/mo then my website is valued at about $66,708.00 which is a very solid valuation.

If I were to sell this website I would profit about $55k give or take and that is insane.

Added Content To My Authority Site

I have not really been posting a lot of content for this site. I really need to but I have so many projects going I have spread myself a little thin causing me to focus less on this website and more on my others.

This includes my latest addition to the authority site case study. I will get into detail on that in a moment.

I only posted 4 new articles for the month of March 2021 and I really should have posted at least 20 but that is ok. I will get to it this month and add more content than I did in the previous month.

New Authority Site Case Study

So I started a new website to be shared with you as a case study.

I want you to see how the process works from start to finish and I will be recording a video showing the entire process from new to profit over a period of time.

I am unsure when I will start releasing this video content as I want to keep the domain a secret for now so that the traffic is all organic and not from my audience here or on YouTube. I have to keep it fair.

I will announce the domain so you can see it and see how I created it. I feel this is important for beginners to learn the process.

I am already posting content, building pages and working out the design and overall aesthetic of the site. I think you will like the progress so far but unfortunately I cannot share it.

Final Thoughts

I do not share my income reports to show off or brag. I really want you to see the potential here and be inspired to create your own authority website and generate passive income for yourself.

My goal is to inspire and help you succeed!

February 2021 Blogging Income Report

February was yet another record breaking month for my authority site case study.

I have seen a spike in income and traffic did well too.

2021 has been a great year for me and my business overall. I have seen a ton of growth and I have started focusing on things that are making me more money.

In this article, I am going to share with you one of my case study website earnings and announce a few changes I am implementing for my business.

Changes Happening

I am working on a few big changes in my business. I am shifting my focus to offering better content, and I plan to implement a new course for my audience members to use to grow their own websites.

New Branding

I rebranded my entire business here and it is now Jon Smith DM. DM simply stands for digital marketing. I chose digital marketing because I don't just build websites for profit. I also run affiliate campaigns through paid traffic, email marketing, and much more.

My Focus

My branding is now changed and that means I need to focus on creating content not only for my various niche or authority websites but my YouTube channel for my brand. The very brand you are on now.


Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

So from here on out, I am going to do my best to focus more of my time on my YouTube channel so that I can deliver you a solid resource to do what I do online.

My YouTube content will shift a little into more of an overview of what I do and that includes authority sites, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

Jon Smith DM Blog

I will be cross-posting content on here and on YouTube. If you see a video on my channel then you can almost guarantee that there is content on the blog here to go with it.

This allows me to link to relevant resources and go into more detail on any particular subject.

I really want to make my website here an authority site on the topics I cover and I am treating it like another website in my business. This means more helpful content and a ton of value.

Authority Site Traffic - Google Analytics

Authority Site Traffic Google Analytics February 2021

In February 2021 I had 43,945 pageviews which is a little down from January. This is due to the fact that February has a few less days compared to January and I fully expect a huge spike in traffic this coming month of March 2021.

My Authority Site Earnings

I did well this month despite the slight drop in traffic. I even added a new partner which I will announce in my March 2021 blogging income report.

I am pretty confident that I will see some decent earnings from my added affiliate partner as it is highly relevant to my niche.

Ezoic Earnings

Ezoic Earnings February 2021

For February 2021 I earned $746.85 which is up just a couple hundred dollars from January. I am satisfied with any increase in revenue though I did anticipate it being a significant increase.

I guess $200 added revenue per month is significant and I don't mean to make it sound like nothing but I did expect to earn more from display ads this month.

Hopefully next month I will see a huge increase since my traffic seems to be shifting around and my placements in the search results are improving daily.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Earnings

Amazon Associates Earnings February 2021

I earned $152.54 from Amazon Associates which I fully expected. Amazon is not something I really focus on. I do have a lot of links scattered throughout my website but I don't want it to be a big part of my revenue.

I am definitely thankful for the added income Amazon Associates brings for me but I cannot allow it to be a significant percentage of my overall income. That is just too risky.

The revenue from Amazon is about half compared to January so I wasn't too thrilled about the lower amount of earnings but again I am still thankful for anything coming my way.

More Content Coming

I need a two week break from anything online so March is my month I plan to take this break.

It is important to remember that your health is crucial and taking breaks and spending time with your lovedones is also a good idea.

We can get really hyped up and focus too much on our online empires and that clouds our relationships. Mental health is important so go do something with your family. Even something simple.

I have 5 posts I can post for March that will be ready soon and I may have more written but I am not really sure how this month will go in terms of production. I need this break.

Final Thoughts

My income was greater despite a fall in traffic however there were a few less days than normal in February.

Also, my health and relationships are important to me so I am taking a little time to myself and I am going to spend time with some family this month.

I may not get much done but I am still going to have income which is the best thing about this business.

Passive income rocks!

January 2021 Blogging Income Report

I thought 2020 was a great year...well 2021 is going to blow it out of the park for me. I have some awesome things happening this year and it has really gotten off to a great start so far.

In this income report article, I am going to share my income and what is happening in my business. I touched on it in my 2020 income report post here.

Content Posted

In January I published 9 articles to the blog and I edited about 10 articles from when I first started this niche site. I originally started it using another company to write for me and honestly, the content wasn't that great.

A lot of the content needs to be rewritten actually and I plan to do that over the next few months. In the beginning, I just posted content to get it live on the site while I was still working on other niche site projects.

Content Published: 9 Articles

Niche Site Traffic

This was my best month ever on my case study niche site. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel I reveal the niche and website there so click here to check that out. (Opens in a new tab).

My traffic pretty much doubled one day toward the beginning of January. Check the screenshot below of my niche site traffic.

As you can see the end of December and the beginning of January has been phenomenal in terms of traffic growth. It keeps growing even now and I expect that by the end of February I should see consistent traffic above 2,000 page views per day.

All I am doing is updating the site with a little bit of new content, reviving old content by rewriting it and I did start testing a new method of formatting my content and it seems to be working great. I plan to do this for my other niche sites to see if it works for them also.

One thing I would like to point out is that as my site was getting all of this new traffic a lot of spammy backlinks and referring domains were dropping off. I think it is probably due to the domain expiring and not being renewed but regardless I am seeing a little trend here.

I think that Google thought I may be building backlinks and ranked my website a little slower and as soon as they dropped off my rankings went up and my traffic increased.

I am not really sure that this is the case but I do know what I am seeing in ahrefs where the timing of a ton of backlinks being removed for some reason. This could have been a competitor spamming my site with links and trying to perform what is called negative SEO.

Traffic For January 2021

January 2021 was my best month ever for this niche site. I saw 45,379 pageviews on my website and 37,934 sessions. This is nearly double compared to December which was previously my best month yet for this niche site.

As you can see in the image above my traffic stayed pretty consistent in January but with a slight upward trend which is what I ALWAYS want to see.

I keep adding content and editing old content and finding ways to interlink to new content and old content to increase traffic to my website.

Total Pageviews January 2021: 45,379

Niche Site Earnings

I had my best month for this niche site yet. I earned $874.91 in total and that is great. This site is now 15 months old as I started this site in October of 2019.

Ezoic Earnings/Income

This month I earned $546.4 from Ezoic and that is almost double compared to last month. I was offered to upgrade my premium status about the 15th of January so my earnings grew just from upgrading my premium status from 2 stars to 3 stars.

My daily earnings for this site jumped from $5 to $12 per day to $20 to $30 per day overnight.

Here is a screenshot of my income for the month of January 2021.

Note that since I am writing this on February 1st, 2021 the totals for the month of January have not completely settled. There are some minor changes that happen throughout the day every day for the previous day. It is very minimal. This chart shows January 1st through January 30th which is $520.45 but if you add the 31st to the mix it adds another $25 to the report.

Total Ezoic Earnings: $546.96

Amazon Earnings/Income

Amazon seen a jump in monthly earnings also. Although it wasn't as significant as my earnings from display ads (EZOIC) it was still a move in a positive direction.

Most of my content is informational content. I wanted to get a ton of traffic and place my money content as a thumbnail on the header of my blog so that they would attract clicks and get traffic from my audience which comes from Google to other organic content on my niche site. It is similar to interlinking just different because I used a thumbnail instead. I will be doing a video soon on this simple trick to increase earnings even without ranking number 1 in Google.

Here is a screenshot of my Amazon affiliate earnings.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings: $318.99

Changes Being Considered

Since my website is nearly getting 50k users per month I am almost eligible for Mediavine which is another ad network similar to Ezoic.

Here are some questions I am asking myself and researching:

Should I make the move to Mediavine?

Will it benefit me?

Should I stay with Ezoic since I am earning a solid income?

Moving may prove to be a mistake or it could increase my earnings with display ads.

I am not really sure what I am going to do but I do know that I could earn more from Mediavine than I do with Ezoic but that may not be the case.

Mediavine is more geared toward sites like mine and I am hoping that if I do make a change I will see better results in terms of monthly earnings.

I really don't know what I am going to do. I do plan to submit my website just so I can have my rep from Mediavine give me some information about this particular site and his thoughts on how much more I could earn.

I will update you via YouTube and in my next monthly blog income report if I decide to make the switch. I may just keep this niche site with Ezoic to test the higher traffic and see how well they work to increase my earnings.

Brand Deals For My Niche Site

I cannot tell you exactly what is going on just yet because I need to completely finish my part of the deal and get it live on the website but I have a few brand deals in process.

These companies are adding points to my overall affiliate earnings and will be linking to my website from theirs which is huge because when a brand links to your review of their product Google will appreciate this and rank me higher in the SERPs.

The reason they are not yet live is that I have to film my reviews and write an article. I want this on YouTube as well as my website which will do well in terms of revenue and rankings. (That is the hope anyway!)

January 2021 StatisticJanuary 2021 Result
Total Traffic45,379 Pageviews
Content Published9 Articles
Ezoic Earnings$546.96
Amazon Affiliate Earnings$318.99
Other Affiliate Earnings$9.97
Total Earnings January 2021$874.91
Total Traffic & Earnings January 2021

Content Published: 9 Articles

Total Pageviews: 45,379

Ezoic Earnings: $546.96

Amazon Affiliate Earnings: $318.99


I worked hard the first year of this website and I plan to work hard this year 2021. I am going to begin outsourcing more and start posting even more content to this niche site since it has proven to be worth the investment.

I am thinking about posting one article per day or every other day for this site.

My January 2021 income from this niche site really made me happy and I am so thankful to have yet another successful website.

Do you have any questions about my income and how I got here? Join my free course where I share it all at no charge.