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    Author: Jon Smith
    Date: March 31, 2021

    Blog Post Ideas - How To Come Up With New Blog Post Content

    Writer's block can be a huge pain but there are ways to come up with new blog post ideas avoiding writer's block altogether.

    We all go through it and it is just part of being a creator and in fact, I was having a hard time coming up with my next blog post so I used all of these methods to come up with my own ideas.

    I found a ton of new topics to write about but during the process, I decided that I could write about an issue I am having and a solution to that issue, and here we are.

    In this article, I am going to share with you 10 ways to come up with new blog post ideas for your blog.

    Keep A Competitor List

    You should always keep a competitor list. This is a list of all of your competitors in your niche. Blogs that write on the same topic as yourself.

    I will keep a list of blogs that write on the same or similar topics and this will include large and small blogs.

    You can refer to this list to find blog post ideas and while you are at it be sure to keep this list up to date.

    To further add to this here are some other competitor related things you should be doing and they are:

    1. Subscribe To Competitors Email Newsletter
    2. Get Blog Post Notifications
    3. Subscribe To Their YouTube Channel
    4. Get To Know Your Competitors

    All of these are a recipe for success. This will keep you flowing with content ideas.

    Use Ubersuggest To Find Blog Post Ideas

    Ubersuggest is a great tool. That is why I purchased the lifetime version as I want to refer to it when I need it. I like some of the features that help me with finding new keywords to target and that help me come up with new blog post ideas.

    I use Ubersuggest two ways:

    1. Searching Competitors For Blog Post Ideas
    2. Content Ideas Tab

    If you input your competitors domain you can see all of the top ranking content for that competitor and get inspiration from this list.

    Don't just go for the top-ranking pages. I find that All tools like this are way off in terms of traffic so don't let the smaller numbers fool you.

    Use the content ideas tab to input a keyword and Ubersuggest will offer content ideas. This tool even shows you how much engagement the content is getting on social media. The higher the engagement the better the idea.

    Writer Access Pitch And BuzzSumo Tool

    I use WriterAccess for most of my niche websites because I could not possibly write all of the content on each of my blogs. I have many of them.

    WriterAccess has a couple of features that I really like to help me come up with blog post ideas.

    1. Pitch Style Orders
    2. Buzzsumo

    If you create an order you can allow the writers the opportunity to pitch topic ideas to you based on your niche. Be sure to be detailed in your creative brief to get the best results.

    They also have access to a premium version of BuzzSumo. I don't pay for BuzzSumo anymore because I have access to it in my WriterAccess account for free. One of the many perks of using Writer Access for content.

    Blog Post Ideas Using Google Search Console

    This is a favorite of mine. Using Google Search Console I am always finding new keywords that I am accidentally ranking for and to better rank for them, I will take the keyword and write a new blog post based on this keyword. If you are already ranking for it then Google deems you relevant for this topic so write about it.

    Be sure to link to your new blog post using a keyword-rich anchor text from the ranking article to establish that new article as the most relevant article for that keyword. Of course, I had to throw in a little On-page SEO in this blog post!

    Edit Old Content

    Another thing to keep in mind is editing old content. Use Google Search Console to find keywords that may be ranking on the top of page two in Google and edit that content to give it the needed boost to make it to page 1 on Google.

    Blog Post Ideas Using People Also Ask In Google

    These are usually questions that can be answered in a blog post. Take these questions and make new content based on these questions. Maybe even combine a few closely related questions into one blog article.

    To do this you want to search a head keyword in Google and see related questions.

    I like to take this a step further and search as many head keywords as possible but I also search the questions suggested in the People Also Ask section of Google.

    It is up to you to get creative here and search as many keywords as you can to find as many questions in your niche as possible.

    Blog Post Ideas Using Answer The Public

    I love checking out Answer The Public. The initial view is hilarious but aside from that, this is a great tool to help you come up with blog post ideas.

    Similar to the People Also Ask section in Google they are questions that you can use to base an informational blog post around.

    Start A New Blog

    Adding to your blog portfolio is never a bad idea.

    This will help you earn more money but if you are bored with your current topic then this can provide a break from one blog keeping you creative.

    Now be sure to avoid starting a new blog if you are a new blog currently.

    Make sure you really cover your current blog topic first otherwise you could find yourself never returning to your first blog.

    One tip I can offer here is to focus on being the ultimate resource for your topic.

    You want to answer all of the potential questions, kill all of the pain points a reader might have with solutions to their problems, and provide an invaluable resource.

    That is how you become an authority in your niche and earn top dollar from your content.

    Use Pinterest To Find Your Next Blog Post Idea

    Pinterest is pretty amazing and you can get a ton of traffic from Pinterest, but did you know you can also find blog post ideas on Pinterest?

    Search various keywords in your niche to find pins that take you to other blog topics in your niche.

    The trick here is to find popular pins because this lets you know that this is a topic people want and could be valuable traffic to your website.

    Oh, and when you finish your blog article you should add it to Pinterest too. Who knows you may get a big boost in traffic to your website. You can thank me later.

    Use YouTube For Blog Post Ideas

    Most video topics can be converted into blog posts and vice versa.

    Find relevant YouTube channels in your niche and see what videos are the most popular. Start writing content on these topics and hey this might be a great time to start a channel for your blog. Convert your content into videos to get all the traffic!

    I absolutely love creating videos for my YouTube audience and honestly I never expected the fast growth I have seen. I am humbled and really appreciate all of the love and support from my viewers. I am a huge fan of you all!

    List Posts Are Easy To Write

    I love writing list posts. This post you are reading now is a list post. I even created a video on this topic and it is a list video. See the trend here?

    List posts are super simple and if done right you can provide value to your audience.

    Consider writing a blog post with a tip from all of your competitors. This not only makes them friends (if done properly) but it also shows you are there to help your community by sharing other insightful resources.

    Involve Yourself In Your Niche

    I really like this approach for most niches because I am a bit on the nerdy side of life. I really enjoy learning and creating various blogs on many topics helps me with this obsession.

    I like to involve myself in most of my niches because I get a ton of knowledge but even better I get unlimited blog post ideas.

    Being involved educates you on the pain points, problems, and also helps you find missing pieces to the puzzle. For example if you are in the gardening niche you can solve a problem with an amazing DIY invention. This will gain a ton of authority for you but could also become a new business venture.

    This can be done in many niches, just get creative and actually get involved and let that engineer in you come out and play.


    One piece of advice I can offer you is to take creative breaks every few days. Go for a walk alone or do something you enjoy. This will help keep the creative juices flowing through your mind.

    I really hope that this blog post helps you get creative and find new blog post ideas for your blog. What are some of your favorite ways to come up with new topics? I would love to see your answer in the comments below.

    Struggling to get traffic to your website?

    If you need help be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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